Bali Island is full of magical beaches, exciting cities, colorful arts & Cultures ,Sprawling, energetic and absorbing as Bali is one of Asia’s great vacation destination in the world.

Island Home Bali offering a variety vacation rental like Villas, Home, Hotel etc with magical land of sunshine, beaches, nature and fascinating cultural attractions, a place where you can dive and snorkel in dazzling reef , golf resorts, dine on delicious curries, and explore beautiful temples.

Island Home Bali with Full Management Service Offering a large team of local & expatriat staff , And All our managed villas are hand picked and we keep a limit of a set number to ensure our quality comes before our quantity. We don’t aspire to have the most villas available to you, we aspire to have the best villas available to you

Island Home Bali also have long experience on property, buy & selling with full legal control for all propert , make your investment in Bali safe & Profitable

Let’s Walk Together with one Vision & Mission